Project Title

Arguing on Facebook

Data mining of home data revealing lifestyle changes

A Secure replacement for email

Dynamic Pathfinding in Unknown Terrain

Web-based interface to home sensor data

An online tutor for recursion and binary arithmetic

Vocal Tract Acoustic Modelling for Articulatory Synthesis

Creating a new computer game using constraint programming to automatically generate and grade the difficulty of levels

Applying Machine learning for recognition of patterns in data

Archive an Organ

Building a web-based application for the Epigenesys project

An online tutorial for database normalisation

ERD to activerecord tool

Touching is Believing

Accessible Lectures

Mediating Argument

Music Categorisation Database

Simulations of computational models

Social Networking and Older People

Ruby in the web browser

Evaluating alternative selection strategies for assistive eyegaze technologies

Recognising emotions from whole-body movements using computer vision and a Kinect sensor

Innovative Software for Visual Browsing of Digital Image Collections

Autonomous Lunar South Pole Lander

A topic in Constraint Programming Research

Let Me Demonstrate Screenshot

Let me demonstrate

Real time terrain generation

Scalable Analysis of Data from Proteomics Research