Accessible Lectures

Accessible Lectures is a website for the University to distribute high-quality videos of lectures more widely via modern media such as iTunes U and other social networking systems, in order to progress the process of making Dundee’s excellent teaching more visible internationally, as well as to potential students and students who may be unable to get to lectures. However, the major challenge is to consider how such videos can be made accessible as possible to as many learners as possible, regardless of personal or situational disability.

In this project, an embedded new captioning tool was developed to ensure the videos are more accessible to people who have hearing impairments, in particular, be designed in a way to encourage video producers to ensure their video content is accessible.

Existing captioning tools were found more or less flaws during the research, hindering people from captioning in the first place.Therefore, bearing user requirements in mind, Accessible Lecturers applies automatic time stamping function for users in a succinct interface, aiming at making your captioning experience faster and easier.

Han Guo