An online tutorial for database normalisation


An online tutorial for database normalisation, floating point, networking and compilers

The purpose of this project is to create an interactive tutorial to support the A-Level computing curriculum focussing on floating point, database normalisation, networking and compilers.  The tutorial takes the form of a website, with interactive content created using JavaFX, which include small end of chapter quizzes, a network simulator, floating point to decimal and decimal to floating point converters, and a try database normalisation exercise.

The website is not attempting to replace traditional teaching methods, but aid them. It aims to promote active learning, which is a style of learning where the student takes more ownership of their education.

This report outlines the project, as well as the background research conducted, it lists the specification of the website, the design stages, the implementation and testing of the project as well as an evaluation of the project.

The website is avaliable at

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David Holmes