Music Categorisation Database

Music has the power to change our moods and feelings for better or worse. It has the power to help us remember events in our lives. There exist more pieces of music than we can count or store. There are many different ways of identifying pieces of music. In particular, Shazam, a popular music identification service, has patented their own self-developed algorithm which uses musical fingerprints for identification. Denys Parsons once stated that any piece of music can be correctly identified using the pattern of the first 16 notes of the song. The developer created a system that aims to prove the correctness of this statement by allowing the user to select an existing MIDI audio file or through the use of an on-screen keyboard to play notes. Through the use of white box testing and performing user evaluation, it was discovered that the hypothesis is correct to an extent. However, it is thought that the algorithm can be improved.


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