Ruby in the web browser

JavaScript today is one of the most widely used scripting languages in web development. It is the ‘go-to’ language that has been widely adopted into browser technology. Despite JavaScript’s popularity, there are a number of concerns with the language. In the past, there has been attempts to create alternatives that seek to improve on the arguable shortcomings JavaScript possesses, in some cases attempting to replace the language entirely with another. However, with the additional problems that arise during this process, none have truly managed to succeed in surpassing JavaScript in an appropriate manner.

RubyScript is a piece of software that has been developed, which has the potential to act as a JavaScript substitute. The main goal of the project was to replace JavaScript with Ruby in the browser, while also invoking the idea that there should be other such alternatives. Ruby provides developers with clean and concise code, simplicity, and the power to create extremely rich applications. Applying Ruby into the browser environment could open a plethora of possibilities in the field. RubyScript is not the only project that has been developed with this goal in mind; however, it does take a relatively unique approach.