Social Networking and Older People

The aim of this study was to investigate what older adults think about the Social Network Sites (SNSs) why they are being left out of this experience and miss interaction opportunities with friends and family. Based on this investigation a prototype was developed to assist older adults share a secure discussion and private messaging. The central idea of this study is the formation of closed groups divided into categories. The technologies used for building the site were PHP, AJAX, JavaScript and MySQL. For the purpose of assessing the outcome, a two stage evaluation plan was organized by the researcher; the first stage being survey-style questions to the participants and the second stage a simple observation of the prototype by giving the participants tasks to perform. The outcome of the evaluation stages affected a number of transformations on the final prototype and the feedback was positive, on regarding our goal to create a simple, secure and user friendly social network site.

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Demetris Demetriou